WELCOME to the Kumpula campus and the Faculty of Science, new freshers! You freshers are important for us, so we want to invite you to our events and activities. In the fall we’re actively organizing events especially for freshers, where you can introduce yourself to university social circles and student organizations. One should not forget that we’re meant to have fun!

Our officials responsible for freshers can be reached through email at fuksivastaava@limes.fi. They can answer any and all questions you may have. Useful information can also be found in our freshers’ guide, that also features an English section.

Älä hätäile (Freshers guide, mostly in Finnish)

What is this Limes thing?

Limes ry is a student organization for all students of the Faculty of Science. Each semester we organize a variety of events, for example academic table parties (Freshers’ table party in September!), Limeksen appro (first Wednesday of October), movie nights, and parties together with other organizations (Extempore, Laskuhumala, Vappureha). You are warmly welcome to all the events!