We are multiscientific student organization in Kumpula kampus. In Limes can fit inside physicists, mathematicians, geographers, geologists, computer scientists and even those who study to become a teacher. All people studying these subjects mentioned earlier can join as members of Limes.

The price of becoming a member is 2 euros and membership lasts for whole semester. After this you can renew your membership by paying 2 euros semesterly. You can apply membership either in our office or in our online shop. As benefits for membership we offer discounts on prices of books and overall marks and also you have the opportunity to attend to magnificent multiscientific events.

Do you study in some other kampus than Kumpula in University of Helsinki? Do not worry, you can join as outmember! You have all the same benefits at your disposal as do the members studying in Kumpula kampus.

What are you still waiting for? Apply for membership today!