Limes ry is student organization for students in Kumpula kampus in University of Helsinki. Limes represents students of faculty of science.

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Board 2019:

Iiris Vilo (president)
Aili Joutsela (vice president spring 2019)
Venla Väli-Torala (secretary, klusteri person)
Mikko Pellinen (fund manager)
Aleksi Arola (party person)
Eemil Arola (member secretary, medicineman)
Juri Gyllström (Matlu person, vice president autumn 2019)
Maria Larionova (office person)
Väinö Katajisto (publishing person)
Tuija Innanen (social media chair)

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Address (Exactum, office):
Pietari Kalmin katu 5

Y-business identity code: 0213579-3