Limes organizes yearly table parties, sauna evenings, pub crawl (Appro) and within differing timeframes excursions and movie evenings. All members are more than welcome to our events! Limes is known for its good snacks and cheap entertainment.

For getting more information about our events the best way is to follow our Instagram and FB pages, joining our FB group and our mailing list.

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To join our mailing list, send any email to address After it you’ll get a confirmation message, and start to get emails from the list jasenet(at) To leave the list simply send any email to address

Becoming an active?

Organizing events is a skill which may benefit you later. By organizing events you’ll learn timetabling, organizational skills and budgeting. If you’re interested in doing something fun besides studying, join our event team! Organizing social evenings, academic table parties (sitsit), parties and sauna evenings is fun and detaches your mind from studying.

If you want to help with one or multiple events, contact our board ( For anyone willing we’ll have something to do, welcome! If you want to have a more active role in events and our activities, you might want to consider joining our board.