We have several clubs, which is a substantive part of our non/low-alcohol activities. The clubs organize all kinds of small-scale and large-scale activities.

At the moment the active clubs are

  • Movie club (LiEKe)
  • Board game club (LiLaPeKe)
  • Sauna club (LiSaKe)
  • Cut brandy (“Jaloviina”) club (LiJaKe)
  • Club for teacher students and teacher-minded people (Liitu)

The clubs inform about their activies on our email list, Instagram and Facebook. Depending on the club, the clubs meet more or less often.

In our past we’ve had a lot of other clubs, e.g.

  • Travel club (LiMaKe)
  • Baking club (LiLeKe)
  • Chess club (LiShaKe)

If you’re interested in resurrecting such a club, please contact the board of Limes!

If the existing clubs won’t suffice, you may found a new club – its name must be LiXXKe, X:s being the first two letters of the club. (The board can help with this too.)