We have several clubs, which is a substantive part of our non/low-alcohol activities. The clubs are organizing all kinds of small-scale and large-scale activities.

At the moment the active clubs are

  • Movie club (LiEKe)
  • Sauna club (LiSaKe)
  • Cut brandy (“Jaloviina”) club (LiJaKe)
  • Chess club (LiShaKe)

The clubs are informing their activies at our email list and Facebook. Meetings are depending of the club, more or less often.

In our past we’ve had a lot of other clubs, e.g.

  • Travel club (LiMaKe)
  • Baking club (LiLeKe)

If you’re interested in resurrecting such a club, please contact the board of Limes!

If the existing clubs won’t suffice, you may found a new club – its name must be LiXXKe, X:s being the first two letters of the club. (The board can help with this too.)