Every year Limes organizes plenty of events: academic table parties (sitsit), parties, sauna evenings, club evenings… and the anniversary party! The events are open for all members and most of them are completely free. Some have a participation fee, but low enough for a student’s budget. The best way to keep track of our events is to follow us on Instagram and Facebook or join our mailing lists.

But in order to make these events successful we also need people to arrange them. There surely are enough tasks for everyone, and we are grateful for every small contribution. In addition, ideas of completely new events are much appreciated and new people to arrange them are very welcome. If you’re interested in participating in the arrangement of events, feel free to join the Facebook-group of Limes actives called “Limeksen aktiivit” or contact our chairperson or any other active. Joining the Facebook-group doesn’t bind you to anything but when we need help and ideas we turn to our amazing actives.